It's Not What You Know....

The best candidates, even if they're looking to change jobs are hard to find. Their concern for confidentiality causes them to stay away from replying to blind ads and posting their resume on job boards.

They tend to be at a stage in their career where the right fit is of the utmost importance and tend to be very selective in exploring new opportunities. The relationships and trust we have built with our candidates plays a key role in instilling confidence that the position is the right fit and in giving them the security to engage with prospective employers.


Our recruitment process

Interviewing Tips For Property Management / Supplier (Vendor) Employers

Before the interview:

  • Consult with the decision-makers at your company who can help identify your hiring needs.
  • Prepare a detailed job description and list the necessary prerequisites for the open position.
  • Decide who will be doing the interviewing at your company.
  • Prepare specific questions for the candidates.
  • Schedule the interviews with candidates by coordinating with the interviewers.

During the interview:

  • Show enthusiasm and interest to promote your company as a desirable place to work.
  • Introduce the company - its history, present activities and its future.
  • Describe the position in detail and its relationship to your organizational hierarchy.
  • Explain why the position is open.
  • Discuss the career path for this position (i.e., where it can lead).
  • Ask the candidate specific questions about his/her goals and experience and get specific answers.
  • Inquire about the candidate's recent accomplishments, achievements and problem-solving skills (using examples).
  • Try to understand the candidate's career progression and the reasons why he or she wants to change jobs.
  • Explain your company's interviewing process to the candidate.
  • Offer a company brochure and collateral materials to help the candidate learn more about your organization.
  • Close the interview and describe the next step and timetables regarding hiring.

Interviewing Tips For Property Management / Supplier (Vendor) Employers

Interviewing Tips for Property Management Employers